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              United States

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              From CallidusCloud to SAP Sales Cloud

              CallidusCloud’s leading incentive compensation management, sales performance, and connected lead-to-cash solutions are now part of SAP Sales Cloud.

              Strengthening the intelligent customer experience

              The acquisition of CallidusCloud completes SAP’s vision of moving beyond legacy CRM to embrace intelligent customer experience solutions that inspire and empower sales professionals to follow leads to cash, increase compensation, and achieve career success.

              Increase revenue and improve sales performance

              Remove the friction between critical sales processes with personalized, connected engagements. With SAP Sales Cloud, you can streamline sales processes, nurture sales behaviors, and improve the experience of functional sales users.

              SAP Commissions

              Drive performance and shape selling activities at scale with access to strategic incentive compensation management capabilities.

              SAP Territory and Quota

              Increase the effectiveness of sales plans with intelligent quotas and strategic territory configurations balanced with AI optimization.

              SAP CPQ

              Configure, price, and quote complex, error-free estimates quickly to promote up-sell and cross-sell opportunities and protect deal margins.

              Support Resources

              SAP Support Portal

              Access technical support resources and product support experts quickly and easily.

              SAP Help Portal

              Stay up to date on the latest information on installation, upgrades, and product availability.

              SAP Community

              Experience a social network for SAP professionals that’s changing how thousands of users work daily.

              CallidusCloud Community

              Connect and network with other SAP Commissions professionals.

              SAP CX Enablement Portal

              Increase your expertise with solution specific product enablement.

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